1st May 2011

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i WOULD post today

After what…weeks? months? of not posting on tumblr I choose a few days before my first final to write. do i make good decisions or what??

The past few weeks, I’ve been on an incredible emotion rollercoaster ride. Watching some of the closest people in my life stray away from God and watching friends struggle with relationship, family, and health problems…it’s taken a tole on my emotional stability.

I’ve heard people say, “well, at least you’re not the one in the situation, right?”  wrong. When you care for these people, it hurts like hell to see them in pain. 

However, l will be the first one to admit that, I have not done my part as a person who cares.

So here, I am making a public promise that I will constantly and whole-heartedly pray for the people who are struggling and in pain.

Prayer should not be our last resort, it should be our first choice.

3rd March 2011

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A little kindness goes a long way…

so…I’ve said this many times before but my go to coffee shop…ah heck…my go to place is global village coffee. there are so many things i love about this place…the drinks, the atmosphere, the chicken salad panini, even the temperature is just right. but my main reason for coming here is the people. every time i go to GV, i look forward to giving my drink order to mike, the owner. he is like…this big ball of bald happiness haha. he always has a huge smile on his face, never forgets to ask how I am, and always makes an extra effort to make his customers happy and comfortable. it also doesn’t hurt that he brings my delicious piping hot chicken salad panini to my table and that he occasionally throws my trash out for me. (:

so thank you mike. thank you for your kindness and in turn making people just a little happier than when they walked in. you have gained a loyal customer.

1st March 2011

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random thoughts as pretty little liars loads…

  • why in the world is my internet so slow.
  • adele is absolutely incredible. at the age of 22…what?!? 
  • probably should get my left arm checked out…it’s been hurting for like 3 weeks.
  • God has done wonders in my life and…i am just realizing. how pathetic is that…sorry God. haha
  • jessica just told me that boyz II men is coming to bourbon on the 14th. for real guys?? the day after i leave md?!?
  • i really enjoy making music. 
  • i’m contemplating whether or not i should change the title of this post…it’s a little embarrassing.
  • hey. you. stop it. yeah you…just stop.
  • i can’t wait to go back home…i’m missing my family and friends in maryland so much right now.
  • how i met your mother is pure genius. 
  • it was 80 degrees today until it started pouring down rain in like 40 degree weather. freakishly bi-polar weather….gahhh
  • yo grace chung! you’re amazing at dancing. you don’t even KNOW how excited i got watching you at koreanite.
  • i really want some caliyo right about now.
  • i miss DT.
  • hey. you. i highly doubt you’re reading this but remember…you can call/text me anytime for anything. i love you very very much. i just texted you btw. haha
  • pretty little liars is done loading…
  • bye!

25th February 2011

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Ironic, isn’t it?

It amazes me that…when you are one with God, you know the instant you start to drift away. 

Ironic, isn’t it?

I realized that the moment I start to feel convicted, I have to catch myself and get to the root of the problem. I felt that tonight. It was weird. It was almost like there was a huge wall that went up between me and God. I realized that what I was doing was not glorifying Him at all.

Thank you Lord for this conviction and please forgive me. 

I was doing DT this week and something really stood out to me. Apparently, there are 3 ways we can lose intimate fellowship with the Lord.

1) when we focus on the world and the things of the world, on pleasures and activities, or on other people and relationships. we lose our focus on the Lord.    

2) when we fail to guard our heart and mind. when temptations come, our strenth to resist is not strong.                                                                              

3) or when we intentionally resist the Father’s will through disobedience.  

(Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King)

Man, I will be the first one to admit that this whole Christianity thing is not easy. You know the things up there I just listed?…yeah I never had to worry about when I was wearing my Christian mask. It’s almost like…ignorance was bliss haha. However, I’ve learned that once you start to depend on Him and have full faith that He will come through, all the challenges and struggles that you face…you start to see the purpose in all of them. HIS purpose in all of them. His purpose for YOU. and the reward you get for having a relationship with God…well. it’s indescribable i tell ya. 

anyway…I was going to sleep a while ago but obviously that didn’t work out very well. i’m going to leave you with this verse. sort of like…a proclamation.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but [I] trust in the name of the Lord our God." -Psalm 20:7


24th February 2011

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why am i still awake? 

when i find out…i’ll let you know.